Luke’s Place is an acronym for: Locally United in Kindness, Empathy and Service
▪ Placing Love Above Careless Evil.

Luke’s Place is located at 948 Front Street in the town of Mableton, Georgia. It is located at the corner of Front and Church Streets, near the railroad tracks. The building is on the Southeast corner of what is known as the former ‘Lowe’ and then ‘Glore’ home.

The origin of the building dates back to 1865, when it was used as a post office and general store serving the needs of railroad workers and their families. Sometime later it became the old ‘Glore Pharmacy’.

The building is currently owned by Eric Davis, who in 2001 renovated and transformed the building to a health clinic and community wellness center.

Luke’s Place opened in April of 2002 but did not start seeing patients on a regular basis until the Fall of that year. Since then the patient base has grown to 5,000 in just over three years.