Our Mission

Our Mission:

Maintain the health and wellness of the underserved in Mableton, Georgia by providing free basic and preventive healthcare services.

Our original mission was to ensure that children would always have access to basic medical services regardless of their individual family circumstances. While Luke’s Place remains focused on that original mission, the basic needs of all uninsured individuals are now being addressed. The clinic now offers services and assistance to all ages and races including assistance with medication, dietary consultation, breast examination, mammograms referrals and Social Services as needs are identified. In fact, Luke’s Place has become the primary care facility of the hardworking uninsured families in the community.

Our Vision:

Locally United in Kindness, Empathy and Service ▪ Placing Love Above Careless Evil.

A Community Wellness Center

Luke’s Place, Inc. is a faith-based, nonprofit 501-C community organization designed to provide programs and services to those in need in Mableton, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Since opening our doors in April 2002, our materials, medicines and equipment have been donated by local doctors, hospitals, businesses and individuals. Funding for Luke’s Place has been provided by contributions from individuals and local groups.

The clinic is not currently receiving funds or aid from any local, state or federal organization. Our staff is an all-volunteer group of doctors, nurses, social workers and support personnel who devote their time and expertise, without compensation, to the growing health needs of this community.